Sheltered Workshop was established on 11 July 2000 with an objective to encourage people with disabilities to be productive and to create work opportunities for persons with special needs aged 21 and above. There are three main areas of interchangeable vocational activities every day:

  • Contracted work from local factories
  • A recycling project with the support of the local community
  • In-house handmade crafts and basket


In this contracted work from I.R.M industries, the trainees are assigned to clean the Integrated Circuit anti-static plastic tubes. As part of their job, they have to remove the stickers and rubber stopper plugs from the plastic tubes. Once they finished removing the rubber stopper plugs, trainees in-charge will take and place them into the sacks once the plastic tube are cleaned.


Recycle program which was started a few years ago beginning to gain momentum with more support from the community. Among the things we accept for recycling are empty cans/plastic containers, newspapers, old clothing and disused electric items. The workers have undergone training to identify and segregate the items before selling to recycle center.


Apart from the above, we also make and sell baskets in various sizes, handmade crafts such as postcards, notebooks made from recycled papers and book markers. These items are usually sold during various charity events throughout the years. Sometimes we have visitors buying the items.


In the last quarter of this year, some of our trainees combined force with  Practical Class to do some gardening and started to work on a small plot allocated for that purpose. They plant vegetables such as brinjal, ocra, chilly etc. We hope to get a good harvest.


Overall the trainees are able to work together and understand each other’s duties and responsibilities at work. They feel very proud to do the tasks assigned to them.