04-01-2017 Donation from Nigerian Students

05-01-2017 Visit and Donation from the Church of Latter Day Saints

05-01-2017 Intel Christmas Party at Intel, Penang

11-01-2017 Visit from Wen Xin’s Association

19-01-2017 Talk on Oral Healthcare for Special Needs Children

22-01-2017 CNY Dinner during lighting of the lantern

07-02-2017 Preparation for Chinese New Year Celebration at CPCAP

10-02-2017 Donation from Dragon-I-Restaurant

17-02-2017 A talk cum workshop on CPR by Ms Joan Chin

24-02-2017 Fire Drill

03-03-2017 Visit from Penang General Hospital

18-03-2017 50th Annual Sports Day

31-03-2017 Visit from YB Zairil Khir Johari

03-04-2017 Visit from Oriental Realty

11-04-2017 Hydrotherapy

12-04-2017 Our students training for APUCEN 2017 summit

14-04-2017 Gotong Royong by USM students under sponsorship of Yayasan Sime Derby

21-04-2017 Hydrotherapy session for our students

25-04-2017 Wesak Celebration Committee

26-04-2017 Birthday Celebration for EIP/Preschool children

05-05-2017 First Aid Training by a volunteer Larson Romo

05-05-2017 Visit by IPG Darul Aman, Alor Setar, Kedah

12-05-2017 CSR Program by MBS Students USM

12-05-2017 Gotong Royong by CPCAP Staff

16-05-2017 Choir by Marlene & Friends (IWO)

19-05-2017 Teachers’ Day Celebration

13-07-2017 Youth CBSR – Christ’s Youth In Action

14-07-2017 Visit by Nurses from Penang General Hospital

16-07-2017 Climb to ‘Change-A-Life’ event

19-07-2017 Intel Involved Matching Grant Programme

20-07-2017 Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Celebration

25-07-2017 Donation from Charity 100

05-08-2017 CSR by Penang Medical College students

10-08-2017 – CSR by Intel Bayan Lepas

11-08-2017 A talk on Employee’s Provident Fund

16 to 21 August 2017 Finger Print Painting by students to create Merdeka Tree

18-08-2017 Free Medical Check by Penang Medical College’s students

18-08-2017 Ayam Brand Junior Chef competition

21-08-2017 Merdeka Day Patriotic Hand Prints

18-08-2017 DELL Volunteer Training Programme

25-08-2017 60th Merdeka Day Celebration at CPCAP

07-09-2017 Farewell function for Cikgu Kalyani

25-09-2017 Medical Talk and Screening by Penang GH Medical Team

14-10-2017 47th Speech & Prize Giving Day

26-10-2017 Deepavali Celebration at CPCAP

13-10-2017 Donation of Smart Crutch by GNTMedixcel Sdn. Bhd

03-11-2017 CSR Programme by Eastin Hotel

10-11-2017 Visit by Trainee Nurses from GH Penang

12-11-2017 GALA Premier Sponsorship at TGC First Avenue

15-11-2017 Visit by Plexus Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd.

16-11-2017 CSR Event by G-Hotel, Penang

18-11-2017 Peace Road Run

21-11-2017 CPCAP Year End Party

22-11-2017 Choir by Marlene & Friend

27-11-2017 Clearing the vegetation plot

24 to 26 National Seminar on CP in Johor

29-11-2017 Farewell to our students

19-12-2017 CSR by Intel Penang

09-12-2017 USM’s Buddhist Society Social Work