Practical Class was setup in March 2013 and it caters mainly for young adults who were discharged upon attaining the maximum schooling age of 19. Here the trainees are assessed and assigned specific tasks to meet their capabilities. The main tasks at Practical Class are divided into baking, cutting & sewing, laundry, vessel cleaning and sweeping.

Baking being one of the main tasks is really enjoyed by all the trainees but only a few are actively involved during the actual activity. Those trainees who were directly involved in the baking activity learn to name, weigh and measure the ingredients required during the particular baking process. Then, they were given hands-on experience by allowing them to make cakes, buns and doughnuts. At the end of every baking session, the trainees were required to clean the utensils, wipe the table, sweep and mop the floor.

A few trainees underwent training to use the sewing machine. They learned to sew pieces of clothes to make patchworks blankets with minimum guidance. Some of them were assigned tasks such as cutting clothes into smaller pieces to be used as stuffing for chair backs and pillows.

Apart from that, they were also guided to wash soft-toys, curtains and patchwork blankets. After washing they would dry the curtains and blankets. Once dried, they would then iron the clothes using cold or hot iron. Some trainees were taught to fold the clothes. [All these items are meant for sales]

Parents too provide their invaluable supports by making tissue cloth bags, floor mats, hair bands etc. These products are sold during our participation in charity events and all proceed from the sales will be donated to the Centre.

All the activities in this class are carried out under the supervision of the staff in-charge.