As part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, in June 2022, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Penang, presented us with a grant of USD25,000 to set up a computer lab. As we had already established a computer lab, we proposed to use the grant to develop an audio-visual room instead, which they approved of and is known as AMD Learning Lab.

The AMD Learning Lab is a comfortable, soundproof room equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, including a smartboard, specialized keyboards, special software, and headsets. The setting is a great example of how technology can be utilized to augment the educational experience for students who require additional support.

The use of a smartboard in the classroom has been shown to increase students’ engagement and provide a variety of learning approaches and stimuli. The Clevy 2 and Jumbo XL II keyboards are excellent tools for young users, with bigger, color-coded keys that help students identify vowels, consonants, and punctuation marks. The ABC Maestro language-based software is a great addition to these keyboards, offering faster learning through play and a variety of letter, word, spelling, and number learning games.

In addition, the purchase of Microsoft Publisher 2021 provides an opportunity for students to learn valuable computer skills such as creating brochures, flyers, name cards, greeting cards, and bookmarks.

Overall, the AMD grant has allowed the Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children’s Association of Penang to create a cutting-edge audio-visual room that provides a conducive learning environment for students with special needs. The use of technology in the classroom can be a powerful tool for enhancing the teaching and learning experience, and it is important for educators to continue to explore new ways to incorporate audio-visual systems into their teaching practices.