16-06-2023 In-Service – Computer Lab – Setup and Accessibility

16-06-2023 Visit By Nurses from ILKKM Bertam

15-06-2023 Luncheon sponsored by Wanita PERKIM Pulau Pinang

26-05-2023 In-Service – General Health Talk – “Towards A Better Understanding of Diabetes Mellitus” by Dr. Muzlifa Mohamed Yusoff

26-05-2023 CSR by Zebra Penang

19-05-2-23 In-Service – A sharing session about Cortical Visual Impairment

18-05-2023 CSR by Micron

16-05-2023 Teachers’ Day Celebration

12-05-2023 Majlis Sambutan Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 2023

10-05-2023 Visit From Temasik Polytechnic Singapore

20-04-2023 Official Opening of AMD Learning Lab

13-04-2023 Visit by Buddhist Celebration Committee

23-03-2023 Visit from Timur Laut District Education Department

24-02-2023 Visit from AT&S Company,Kulim, Kedah

21-02-2023 CSR By Intel Penang

02-02-2023 Chinese New Year Celebration 2023

13-01-2023 In-Service PIASTM (Paediatric Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation)  by Cikgu Syahir

13-01-2023 – Food Donation by Mr. Rajiv