05-01-2015 Staff Training

07-01-2015 Foster Parents Appeal

24-01-2015 A tour onboard Star Cruise Super Star Libra

30-01-2015 Fire Safety Talk and Fire Drill

06-02-2015 Donation by TENBY international Secondary School

12-02-2015 Sakura-Kai Visit

05-03-2015 Chinese New Year Celebration – Chap Goh Meh

13-03-2015 Study Tour – Petrosains Dinotrek 2 Exhibition

27-03-2015 A visit from Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island East

28-03-2015 Talk and workshop on Child Sexual Abuse

08 April 2015 Rehearsal for Sports Day

22-04-2015 Rehearsal for Sports Day

25-04-2015 Annual Sports Day 2015

11-05-2015 Donation from De Monte Kindergarten

15-05-2015 Teachers’ Day Celebration

16-05-2015 Teachers’ Day Luncheon

23-05-2015 Energy Psychology Workshop

26-05-2015 International Women’s Association – Choir Performance

22-05-2015 Prize Giving – Creative Art Activities

16-06-2015 Tzu Chi Kindergarten Visit

16-06-2015 Morning Exercise for walkers and moderate walkers

26-06-2015 Wheelchair Donation

30-06-2015 Durian Party


22-07-2015 Datin Doris’s Visit

29-07-2015 Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Preparation

30-07-2015 Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Celebration

05-08-2015  Students from Red Crescent Society – Sek. Keb. Minden Heights

07-08-2015  Medical Talk by Doctor Deepak Sharan, Medical Director of RECOUP, Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre, Bangalore, India

14-08-2015 Club Activities

16-08-2015 Pak Cik Din’s Fruit Orchard

19-08-2015 Visit from Rotaract Club of Hong Kong

26-08-2015 Musical Story Telling by Dr. Mumtaz Backer

08-09-2015 Intel CSR Activity

09-09-2018 A talk cum workshop by Ms. Synthia Surin

11-09-2015 Volunteers from Logos Hope (Gute Bücher für Alle, or Good Books for All Ship)

11-09-2015 A talk cum workshop by Ms. Synthia Surin

12-09-2015 A talk cum workshop by Ms. Synthia Surin

18 to 20-9-2015 Staff attended National Seminar on Cerebral Palsy

23 to 25-09-2015 Makeover of DELL Learning Center

23 to 25 -09-2015  2nd. Batch Volunteers from Logos Hope 

24-10-2015 Press Conference on Charity Musical Extravaganza

21-25-10-2015 CPCAP in collaboration with Malaysian Physiotherapy Association conducted BOBATH

12-10-2015 Visit by Ms. Ong Siew Guat‘s sister, Ms. Ong Siew Luan

16-10-2015 Weekly Games in the morning

31-10-2015 Speech Day 2015 – Mowgli & Friends

06-11-2015 Visit by Sailing Professors from Turkey