04-01-2018  Distribution of Christmas Gifts

09-01-2018 Bread Baking at Practical Class

09-01-2018 Dental Talk

24-01-2018 Fire Drill

01-02-2018 Visit by Rotary International 3300

09-02-2018  Fun Cooking at Kelas Jed

12-02-2018 Cleaning the Swimming Pool

14-02-2018 Training on Halliwick Method

23-02-2018 Fire Drill

28-02-2018 Gong Xi Fa Cai @ Chinese New Year Celebration – EIP/Preschool

02-03-2018 Gong Xi Fa Cai Celebration hosted by Mr. Saw Swee Kee

02-03-2018 CSR by World Ventures Foundation

07-03-2018 Gong Xi Fa Cai @ Chinese New Year Celebration – Primary Section

08-03-2018 Visit by Wanita Gerakan

15-03-2018 Educational Visit to Countryside stables in Penang – EIP & Preschool

17-03-2018 Arts & Craft – Kelas Zamrud and Kelas Baiduri

17-20-03-2018  Penang Cheshire Home Agoonoree in Cameron Highlands

04-04-2018 Arts and Craft – Kelas Zamrud

05-04-2018 Fun Cooking – Kelas Zamrud

12-04-2018 CSR by Ming Engineering Sdn. Bhd.

12-04-2018 CSR by Islee Fashion House

13-04-2018 Visit by IPG Kedah Darulaman Trainee Teachers

18-04-2018 Press Conference – Walk Jog Wheel With Us 2018

25-04-2018 Visit by Intel Secretaries

25-04-2018 Educational Visit to Entophia, Penang

26-04-2018 Visit by Staff from Motorola, Penang

04-05-2018 A Talk on Timmerman Method by a parent, Ms. Ms. Beh Joo Ann

15-05-2018 Visit by Buddhist Celebration Committee

16-05-2018 Teacher’s Day Celebration

21-05-2018 A Visit and Dance Performance by  Feet Speak Dance

01-06-2018 Visit from Disted College

09-06-2018 Donation by Montessori Children’s House

24-06-2018 Climb to Change A life – Penang Hill

27-06-2018 Donation of Water Coolers by Motorola

27-06-2018 CSR by Intel Penang

28-06-2018 Visit by Students from Han Chiang School

28-06-2018 Press Conference on Walk-Jog-Wheel With Us 2018 – Information Centre, Penang Youth Park

03-07-2018 Hari Raya Celebration at Intel

08-07-2018 Walk-Jog-Wheel With Us 2018

12-07-2018 Hari Raya Celebration hosted by Penang PERKIM

13-07-2018 A Talk on Cerebral Palsy by Distinguished Associate Prof. Khoo Sok Kean from Grand Valley State University, US

18-07-2018 CSR by CPCAP at Intel, Penang

06-08-2018 CSR by Intel, Penang

09-08-2018 Donation from Golden Sands Beach Resort Sdn. Bhd.

10-08-2018 Visit by Service Civil International

14-08-2018 Visit by DYTM Raja Muda Perlis dan DYTM Raja Puan Muda Perlis

15-08-2018 CSR by Intel, Penang

16-08-2018 Fire Drill

29-08-2018 Visit by Rotarian District Governor Dr Baskaran Gobala Krishnan

30-08-2018 Celebration of 61st Hari Merdeka at CPCAP

14-09-2018 Celebration of Hari Malaysia

13-10-2018 Final Rehearsal  for Speech and Prize Giving Day 2018

14-10-2018 Speech And Prize Giving Day 2018

14-10-2018 Open Day Mini Carnival 

16-10-2018 Visit by officers from Penang Social Welfare Department

18-10-2018 Fire Drill

19-10-2018 Visit by Students from Sentral College, Penang

19-10-2018 A Special Meeting between Management Staff and Parents

26-10-2018 Deepavali Celebration – Hosted by PKAPP and well wishers

29-10-2018 Visit by Boys Brigade, Jurong West Secondary School, Singapore

08-11-2018 A Gift With Care Cheque Presentation

09-11-2018 Hydrotherapy

16-11-2018 A Visit from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tanjung Malim, Perak

23-11-2018 Marlene and Friends Choir Performance

23-11-2018 Visit by USM Students

24-11-2018 Talk cum workshop on Therapeutic Yoga

27-11-2018 Parents Training

30-11-2018 Music and Movement – Universiti Sains Malaysia

5 & 12-12-2018 Hydrotherapy – Halliwick Method