We are trying our best to include soft-copies, if possible, of all our Annual Reports/Souvenir Magazines from the past till present (and that depends on the availability of the copies). The quality that appears in these files may not be as good as in the actual hard-print, but it is still legible though the images may not be sharp. The files are converted into pdf format. Visitors may find terminological differences that varies from time to time and also some advertisements which in later years were banned of usage in the education/rehabilitation/health related fields. This is due the fact that there have always been constant efforts by those who are fighting for certain rights to have some terms/advertisements removed due to its inappropriacy in the meaning and context of the application, and in the efforts some new terms were added to replace the older ones. Over the years, there also have been tremendous changes and awareness in the field of special education and rehabilitation, thus any differences spotted here and there at different context of time, are to be viewed and accepted in the context of the year the magazine was published. Magazines will be uploaded gradually. Hope you all will enjoy our transition from the past until now.

Annual Report 1999