In Kelas Baiduri we believe that every child is different and has a right to learn and to be proud to be themselves. We always try to bring out the best in a child, both within academic and social moral context. Those who have shown mental capability to learn will be taught to perform tasks independently through worksheet activities, white-board learning and fun learning through educational activities. Others will be taught according to their needs that might include motor skills activity such as pegging, writing, threading and scribbling.

Kelas Baiduri focuses more on practical aspects of learning that concentrates on functional skills and other activities of daily living. Basic concepts of colours, shapes and numbers, English, Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics, Science are taught along with classroom aspects for academically inclined students, while the non academic students are exposed to various activities pertaining to sensory stimulation and activities of daily living. Beside these, the students are also exposed to creative art, hydrotherapy, music and movement, fun cooking, educational visits as part of their integral training as such exposures are necessary for future integration into the community. Individual educational plan has been carefully planned for all the students in the class in order to meet their respective abilities and needs.